Ni Chana Tijuana

The Project

In 2013 the graduating cohort of 2015 of the Public Practice Program at Otis College of Art and Design had the opportunity to partner, explore, and conduct field research in  Colonia Camino Verde, a neighborhood in Tijuana, BC, México. Excerpts of students experiences and reflections were curated on the class blog. Here students pondered questions of context, community, relationships, proximity, environment, border crossing, economy, and public practice art.

What culminated from three organized weekend visits throughout the first semester to Camino Verde was the Exposition Ni Chana Tijuana and Taco Talks–Conversations on proximity and Trust.

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The Installation

Conceptual Framework is an investigation into conceptions of art in Camino Verde. What social, political, or cultural factors are involved? How is an interest in art generated and cultivated? What role does art serve in this community? From grassroots organizations with radical pedagogical approaches that seek to empower a community through the arts to monolithic federally funded institutions ensuring that culture be part of every child’s education, there are many agents at play. This installation provides a window into the thoughts of the people operating under the context, influences, and ideas that make up the conceptual framework for art in Camino Verde.


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